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To my beloved Elder, greetings on this the holy feast of our Lord’s Nativity.

You are always in my thoughts and prayers, asking our Saviour to grant you grace upon grace, and mercy upon mercy.

Words cannot express my gratitude to you for your effect upon my life. If God did not plant you in Boston, I would never be here, I would not have know how to worship our God in “truth,” and I would be in the world, pushing it and myself quicker to perdition. I thank you with all my heart and soul. Amen!

I pray that God will incline your heart to mercy toward me. Our Saviour said, “I desire mercy, not sacrifice. . .” Oh do I agree! – because I am the sacrifice! May He incline your heart to mercy. Amen!

With love in Christ Our Saviour

Gregory priestmonk


PS I just have Fr. Konon with me. Please pray for him, his passions weigh heavy upon him.

Nobody seems to like it here – reason – “because it is too much like Holy Transfiguration Monastery.”

“Thanks be to God”

I like it just like that — may it never change.


(Click here to view a scan of the original letter.)

Editors' Note: Fr. Panteleimon wrote Fr. Gregory and noted that it did not make sense that no one wanted to stay at Fr. Gregory's monastery in Colorado because "it was too much like Holy Transfiguration Monastery."  Fr. Panteleimon pointed out that the monastery in Boston has always been full, and sometimes even  has a waiting list.  Regardless of Fathers either reposing or leaving, the monastery has always had between 30 to 35 members since the early 1970's.  If Fr. Gregory's monastery therefore, was "because it is too much like Holy Transfiguration Monastery," it should have filled up quickly and remained full. To this day this remains true, monastics repose or depart, but more men come and  the monastery remains full.