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Dear Fr. Isaac,


Thank you for the shipment of icons. Please find enclosed payment for all 3, but I am returning St. Basil. I wanted him full length, but perhaps that one was discontinued. At any rate can you send me in place of this, an icon of the Three Hierarchs? I have to give a gift to one of our people who was just baptized last year, the poor man got in a car accident and had all the internal organs taken out that could be removed and still remain alive. His wife and 4 children are Roman Catholic and are not happy that he is Orthodox. Could you please pray for the servant of God Basil?

Enclosed also please find a gift for the Elder. I hope all is well with him. No matter what has happened or what will happen I still feel like I am part of you. You know and I know -- that if I am anything or rather have anything it is becauseof the Elder and the monastery.

I ask forgiveness from the Elder and all the fathers as we continue through the Holy 40 days.

With love in Christ our Saviour, Gregory priestmonk


1-P-83-3 Hierarchs

2 lb-C-9-incense tears plain

and picture catalog if you have new one

and bill

last invoice #21512



Dear Fr. Gregory,


We pray that you are well.

We thank you for your gift for the Elder. We are happy to know that you love us and we be assured that we also love you. We are pleased that you recognize whatever you have learned is from us, but we are dismayed and grieve that the foundation of monasticism is obedience, you were never able to grasp. You are living in disobedience. As far as having a bond with us, that is questionable. If you had a genuine bond steeped in humility and in God, you would be up in your former room living where you vowed to live. However, those things have been told to you before and your rejected them. May our Lord have mercy on all of us.

We have been looking for some time for the proof that we made of the Forerunner from Tichnor brothers. Would you know its whereabouts?

We all greet you.

With love inChrist,

Isaac, priestmonk

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