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Oct. 1/14 1983

The Holy Protection of Mother of God

Dear Fr. Panteleimon,


On the counsel of my spiritual father, Bishop Alypy, I am writing a short reply to your letter concerning me which you sent to my brother, my bishop and others.

This letter dear father contains many many mistakes and gossip -- too many for me to enumerate to you in a letter.

After the words 'Christ is Risen' and the next line which you wrote 'God love us and save us. Amen,' the rest of your letter proves in deed, 'may God love us and save us,' for it goes on for 17 pages to show how much we do not love each other.

The 'Fr. Gregory' in your letter never lived in Holy Transfiguration Monastery! I wish not to believe that you wrote that letter, for it is not the Fr. Panteleimon I lived with for 13 years. I will pray for you always. Amen!

In Christ our Saviour,

Gregory, priest-monk

P.S. concerning the letter to Mother Stephania -- this I have repented of and asked forgiveness from and my Vladica. If it will mean anything to you -- it was not my idea but I did write the letter.




11/24 October 83

Dear Fr.Gregory,


We pray that you are well. The elder asked me to write you a few lines in response to yourmost recent letter.

First of all, the contents of the elder's letter are quite in order, and as far as the people that lived with you can verify, it accounts quite accurately the Fr. Gregory we knew. If there is anything that can be refuted, please do so.

The second thing is that the letter would not have ever been written if Richard would have come and spoke his thoughts. Again the letter would not have been written if Richard's letter to the elder had not been given by Richard to other people. At least we know Fr. John Fleser got a copy.

Writing the letter was not a pleasure nor something the elder wanted to do. Concerning your situation we have been passive about it. It isn't that we don't have feelings or opinions, but we haven't been expressive about them. You are no longer our responsibility, and therefore there is no need for us to make or not to make apologies. The letter wouldn't have been written if complaints about us from your brother and yourself had not been made vocal.

You have been an abbot for a fair length of time and a brotherhood has not yet gathered around you. Time will tell whether our brotherhood's evaluation of your abilities are correct.

With love inChrist,

Isaac, priestmonk


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