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18/31 December, 1977

Reverend Neketas Palassis
Saint Nectarios American Orthodox Church
10300 Ashworth Avenue North
Seattle, Washington 98133

Dear Reverend Father,

I greet you with the feast of the Nativity and Theophany of our Lord and hope that you have a blessed new year.

I have received your letter in which you write that Father Deacon Paul Gribanovsky spoke to you over the phone in connection with my letter to Bishop Nektary concerning your newsletter.

The fact of the matter is that I have written nothing to Bishop Nektary on this subject. I did write to Archbishop Anthony of San Francisco, your diocesan bishop. I wrote that in your newsletter for 8/21 August, you direct your attention to the clergy of the Greek Archdiocese and call upon them to revolt against the Archdiocese. I can understand that you are disturbed by what is happening in that jurisdiction. It is necessary to fight against corrosion of the faith and it is necessary to make a stand for its purity, but I consider that that should be done from within, as your brothers are doing, and not by hiding behind us. Otherwise the impression is created that the Church Abroad is interfering in Greek affairs. Moreover, our Church has its own problems and we should occupy ourselves with those.

This is the concern that I expressed to Archbishop Anthony, that we should not become involved in other people's affairs, especially when we have our own pressing problems.

With archpastoral blessings and love in Christ,

+ Bishop Laurus

cc: Archbishop Anthony of San Francisco
Bishop Nektary