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Vladimir Moss's Review.

A Review of Vladimir Moss's Review.

Bishop Auxentios' Review.

Response toBishop Auxentios'Review.

The Sword's Review.

Other Documents Pertaining to This Issue

1. The Letter of Bishop Laurusto Fr. Neketas Palassis, of December 18/31, 1977.

2. The Letter of Fr. Neketas Palassis to Bishop Laurus, of February 19/March 9, 1978.

3.The Letter of Fr. Neketas Palassis to Fr. George Grabbe, of March 7/20, 1979.

4. Orthodox Christian Witness article concerning the Serbian Church and her reception of the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury.

5. The Letter of Bishop Hilarion to Fr. Neketas Palassis, of March 18/31, 1986.

6. The Letter of Fr. Neketas Palassis to Bishop Hilarion, of October 15/28, 1986.

7. The Letter declaring our departure from ROCOR.

8. The two announcements by the ROCOR Chancery.

9. The Letter of Bishop Hilarion to Hieromonk Justin, in response to our departure.

10. Our lengthy and final letter to Bishop Hilarion.

11. The investigation results ofthe accusations and the resolution of the Auxentian Synod.

12. Bishop Ephraim's letter to the faithful after a second group of monastics left in 1991. Specific quotes from Monk Benjamin's letter.

13. A letter of Fr. Seraphim Johnson to a parishioner of ROCOR.

14. Bishop Hilarion's letter to Holy Resurrection Parish in Worcester, Massachusetts.

15. Fr. Victor Melehov's response to Bishop Hilarion's letter.

16. Unacceptable Resolution. This is the response of the Orthodox Church in Georgia (presently underMetropolitan Ephraim of Boston) to the October resolutions of the GeorgianPatriarchate.

17. Untrustworthy Pronouncements ,concerning an article entitled, "Is the Wind Returning to Its Circuits?" which appeared in the Russian-language periodical, Pravoslavnaya Rus (Nov. 1/14, 1998).