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The History of the True Orthodox Church of Greece

1924 to 1994

From the Preface of The Struggle Against Ecumenism

For the past seventy-five years, the true Orthodox Christians in Greece have witnessed bloody persecutions, intrigues, exiles, duplicity, slanders, internal divisions, and misunderstandings,--and yet, despite all this, they have courageously stood fast in their heroic confession of the Orthodox Faith.

For the most part, their history has remained unknown to those outside Greece. Several periodicals and booklets have touched upon selective aspects of this history, but the actual documentation they provided was often scant, if not nonexistent. This history endeavors to fill this lack. Virtually all of the primary sources quoted in this work appear in English for the first time, and again, for virtually all of them, the complete texts are provided.

An extensive Appendix has been included to underscore the doctrinal nature of this history. This, indeed, is the crux of the subject at hand and the ultimate and true purpose of this book. Those who would disparage the struggle of the True Orthodox Christians of Greece oftentimes are heard to say that "the old calendarists" "left the Church" over a "secondary issue," that is, over "thirteen days." This History will demonstrate how false this statement is.

Aside from the historical documents provided, this volume's 250 pages include some thirty photographs, a comprehensive Bibliography of English and Greek sources, and a complete Index, all of which supplement the main text and make this work an invaluable contribution to the study of the Orthodox Church in the twentieth century.